Daily Moodscope

I use a free website called Moodscope to track my moods each day. It keeps a graph of your moods and sends emails to your buddies with your results. Today’s results are:

Good news Maxine. Your score today is 69%, which is your all-time high on Moodscope. You’ll be feeling that things have picked up a lot for you since you last took the test and scored 18%.

What a great achievement. It seems as though the grey skies have departed and the sun’s started shining again for you. No matter the cause, you’re certain to be feeling a lot better now. Capitalise on your good mood, and try to identify what might have caused your progress so you can call on it again another day when your mood battery needs a recharge.

Not only is today’s score better than last time, you are also above your average of 40.6%. Today’s score is above your lowest ever result of 18%. You’ve come a long way since then.


If you would like to track your own moods, the website can be found here.


Daily Gratitudes

I have also read that writing down what you are grateful for every day helps lift your mood, so each day I will list mine.

I am grateful for:

The conversation with my brother.
My daughter going to the shop for me.
My best friend and her kindness
My fiancée and his understanding
My dog and the comfort he brings my children.
My tablets for depression, they do help.
The internet and the lovely people I have met through it.
You, for taking the time to read this 🙂

Daily Summary

I have read that keeping a journal of some kind can be very therapeutic, lead to lower stress levels and help you sort out your head so to speak. I have always been keen to keep a journal, but despite being very enthusiastic in the past, buying that new notepad and pen, treating it like the next bible…I’ve never managed to keep it up. Maybe thats because I am a busy mum of four. Or maybe I’m just lazy. But that is going to change!

I downloaded an app on my beloved Iphone, called Grid Diary. It basically gives some structure to journalling, which my brain could do with and will certainly get me started. Each day I will fill out the questions it gives me on here.

Am I in good health today?

I went back to bed this morning and slept until 1pm, which is very unlike me, but was very busy yesterday. Also this weekend just passed was my first weekend back at work after two months, due to the breakdown, so I should expect to be tired really. Other than that, i’m good.

What did I eat today?

I had an apple in the morning. Toast, crisps and chocolate at lunch time and I made marmite mince for the kids and my fiancee at dinner. Marmite mince is absolutely lovely, there were clean plates all round. Recipe can be found here.

What were the three most successful things I did today?

I successfully began this blog! I successfully got the kids up and dressed and down to school for their first day. I successfully noticed when i started slipping into self destruct mode (to do with breakdown) and pulled myself back out of it.

What made me happy today?

My youngest son. We were sat in the bath together when he turned to me and said: mummy, is it okay to pee in the bath?! After I finished laughing at him, I told him that no, it wasn’t okay. Put a smile on my face! Speaking to my brother on the phone and listening to him talking to my eldest daughter made me happy too. Hugs from my lovely fiancee and watching him enjoy his dinner also made me happy.

What worried me the most today?

My eldest daughter. She has aspergers and had a fall out with some of the children. We have not long moved into our temporary flat and she hasnt taken to the children around here. As it turned out, she was actually in the wrong but I worry about her and feel sad for her when she struggles so much with making friends and understanding them…or finding some to understand her.

What surprised me the most today?

This would be my eldest daughter again! She came running into the bedroom, very tearful. I managed to calm her down, thinking what on earth could have upset her so badly. She had discovered a tic had bitten her and tried to pull it off herself, which she managed successfully then convinced herself the head was left in! It wasn’t but she took some convincing otherwise.

Set three small goals for tomorrow.

1. I will contact the council regarding my housing benefit.

2. I will take our family dog buster for a long walk over the islands near my flat.

3. I will make a list of what I need to buy for the flat and also for the kids.