Daily Moodscope

I use a free website called Moodscope to track my moods each day. It keeps a graph of your moods and sends emails to your buddies with your results. Today’s results are:

Good news Maxine. Your score today is 69%, which is your all-time high on Moodscope. You’ll be feeling that things have picked up a lot for you since you last took the test and scored 18%.

What a great achievement. It seems as though the grey skies have departed and the sun’s started shining again for you. No matter the cause, you’re certain to be feeling a lot better now. Capitalise on your good mood, and try to identify what might have caused your progress so you can call on it again another day when your mood battery needs a recharge.

Not only is today’s score better than last time, you are also above your average of 40.6%. Today’s score is above your lowest ever result of 18%. You’ve come a long way since then.


If you would like to track your own moods, the website can be found here.