Daily Gratitudes

I really do think this is a lovely way to end the day. Recap and be thankful for the things that made you smile. It wasn’t until I had the breakdown that I realised how much we take things that make us smile for granted. Doing gratitudes each day reminds you that you have a lot more than you think.

Today I have been grateful for:

1. Having such a positive day
2. Spending some quality time with my youngest and watching him play with our dog.
3. My fiancé for helping me work out what to do with kid issues and being there to support me.
4. For my daughters and for getting the truth.
5. For those that have taken the time to view this blog and sent me messages.
6. For the £1 win on a scratch card!
7. For my best mate and her stories each day.


Daily Gratitudes

I have also read that writing down what you are grateful for every day helps lift your mood, so each day I will list mine.

I am grateful for:

The conversation with my brother.
My daughter going to the shop for me.
My best friend and her kindness
My fiancée and his understanding
My dog and the comfort he brings my children.
My tablets for depression, they do help.
The internet and the lovely people I have met through it.
You, for taking the time to read this 🙂