Daily Summary

Today has been a long emotional day but I am determined to keep this a positive blog so no whinging in here!

Am I in good health today?

I have been fine all day 🙂

What did I eat today?

I had some toast in the morning, nothing for lunch as I was distracted and cooked a gorgeous Greek lamb Traybake from the bbc good food website, recipe can be found here.

What were the three most successful things I did today?

1. Set the wheels in motion for obtaining some important paperwork.

2. Took my youngest swimming, we had a great time!

3. Arranged after school club for my children.

What made me happy today?
Swimming with my youngest made me smile and playing guitar hero for the first time in ages. My best mate and her bonnie baby made me happy too.

What worried me the most today?

I worried about my children fitting in okay at school but they all had a good day.

What surprised me the most today?

My youngest and his swimming skills. I haven’t been swimming with him much at all due to normally having all four children but he is really confident in the water and manages quite well, made me happy to see that.

Set three small goals for tomorrow.

1. Make a list of things I need to buy for flat (still haven’t done this!)

2. Hit some targets at my work

3. Chase housing benefit.


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