Daily Summary

Felt like a very productive morning, but a rather lazy afternoon today! I started work on my 30 day challenges and for the most, had my best day yet since the breakdown.

Am I in good health today?

Felt pretty much 100% today. The odd headache twinge but I can be bad for not drinking enough water.

What did I eat today?

I had sugar puffs for breakfast, mostly because I was out of anything else! Lunch was cheese on toast and crisps. Dinner I made chicken and broccoli pastabake from the bbc good food website, pictured below! I also made a banoffee pie, again from the bbc good food website.

ImageWhat were the three most successful things I did today?

1. I completed my daily challenges!

2. Upgraded a minecraft server

3. Enrolled my youngest into school

What made me happy today?

Lots of things really. Getting the flat into a tidy state, catching up on the washing, searching for new music. Playing with my youngest outside in the grass, taking the dog for a walk. Texts from my fiance and his support.

What worried me the most today?

I am trying not to let myself worry too much about anything. Worry doesnt change anything and keeps you feeling down. But if I had to pick something, it would probably be some family troubles that I have been adjusting too.

What surprised me the most today?

The fact that my second daughter had told a lie about her sister which meant her poor sister had had to apologize to kids and their parents! I was really shocked and apologies and long talks about lies were had.

Set three small goals for tomorrow.

1. make a list of things I need to buy for the kids and flat (I didnt complete this!)

2. phone the hospital regarding an appointment for my eldest daughter

3. take my youngest son swimming!


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