30 Day Challenge List April 23rd – May 23rd

I was working full time until January this year. I am back to weekend part time hours and only have my youngest at home now. I’d really like to spend the free time I have at the moment achieving some small goals. And how nice it will be to look back on. I have been searching the web and below are the challenges I have decided to start from tomorrow.

1. listen to a new song every day

I am terrible for listening to the same stuff over and over. So I am going to make an effort to listen to one new song every day.

2. Text, write, message people you care about and tell them why they’re important to you.

I can get so caught up in life as a mum of four and sometimes forget to let those I love know how much I think of them. I like the thought of this challenge.

3. Do a brain training puzzle a day

I don’t spend as much time as I should exercising my brain. I used to love doing puzzles, so looking forward to this.

4. 30 Photo days of happiness.

I love taking Instagram photos. I will aim to take a photo of something that makes me happy every day for 30 days. Then have them printed off in a little photo book.

5. Write down something you love about your partner every day and give them the list after your month is up.

I love this. My fiancé means the world to me and this should be pretty easy.

6. Do Louise Hay affirmations every day for 30 days.

I have an app on my phone by Louise Hay you can find it here.  I loved her book, how you can heal your life, and really want to put some affirmations in place. The app makes this quite easy I just need to make time for it.

That will do for the next 30 days, after that I will pick new challenges. I am very much looking forward to getting started!


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