30 Day Challenge Summary

1. Listen to a new song every day

I actually changed this challenge  to not just listening to a new song, but finding a new song I really like each day and adding it on itunes or spotify. I had great fun looking through various songs and eventually settled on Tracey Chapman, New Beginning. Not only did I enjoy the tune, I thought the lyrics were quite appropriate!

2. Text, write, message people you care about and tell them why they’re important to you.

I sent a little picture to a couple of my friends, telling them how amazing they are. I highly recommend this challenge, not only does it make the recipient feel good, its a great feeling to put a smile on the face of someone you care about.

3. Do a brain training puzzle a day

I bought a Sudoku book from the newsagent and completed the first ‘mild’ puzzle. Hopefully by the end of the thirty days I will be doing the ‘extremely hard, you will never complete me’ ones! I also remembered I have More Brain Training on the nintendo ds, which I may incorporate into this challenge. Will be interesting to see my progress over 30 days as I have never managed to keep it up more than a day or two.

4. 30 Photo days of happiness.

I took a lovely walk with the kids and our dog and many pictures were taken. Its hard to pick just one of them for today but this is it:

My boys and I

My Boys and I

5. Write down something you love about your partner every day and give them the list after your month is up.

As much as I’d like to, because I think he is wonderful, I think this one is better kept private!

6. Do Louise Hay affirmations every day for 30 days.

Now this is an app on my phone, you can download it here. Its free to download but each affirmation costs about £2.00 to purchase. There is one free which I am going to do for 30 days, called Loving Yourself. I havent actually done it yet, but planning on doing it in bed just before going to sleep.


All in all, a pretty successful start to my 30 day challenges! I am actually excited as at the end, I will be able to make a playlist of my 30 new songs and a photobook of my 30 days of happiness. What lovely keepsakes!


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